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URL shortening, QR code generation, and Link-in-bios creation.
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A platform that helps you build brand connections, manage links and QR codes, and connect with global audiences.

Link Management

Improve every connection between your content and your audience.

Popular Link Management Features
URL shortening at scale
Custom links using your brand
URL redirects
Advanced analytics & tracking

QR Codes

Customized QR Code solutions for businesses and brands to improve customer experiences.

Popular QR Code Features
Fully customizable QR Codes
Dynamic QR Codes
QR Code types & destination options
Advanced analytics & tracking


The ClickNTarget Link-in-bio feature, powered by ClickNTarget-Link Management, enables you to curate, package, and track your top links.

Popular Link-in-bio Features
Custom URLs for social media
Customizable landing page
Easy-to-manage links
Link and landing page tracking


What is a URL shortener?

a URL shortener is an essential tool for anyone who wants to optimize their online presence. It can help to make your web addresses more descriptive and memorable, which is essential for building brand awareness and increasing your online visibility. With a URL shortener, you can create short and concise links that are easy to remember and share. This can lead to more clicks and engagements, which can ultimately help to drive more traffic to your website. Overall, a URL shortener is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to improve their online marketing efforts and increase their reach.

The Advantages of Short URLs

There are several advantages of using short URLs, and as an SEO expert and entrepreneur, I can attest to their importance. Firstly, short URLs are easier to share and remember, which can help to increase click-through rates and engagement. This is particularly important on social media platforms where character limits are imposed. Short URLs can also help to improve the appearance and readability of links, making them more appealing to users. Secondly, short URLs can help to improve the tracking and analysis of your online marketing efforts. By using a URL shortener with built-in analytics, you can track clicks and engagements on your links, giving you valuable insights into your audience and the effectiveness of your campaigns. This can help you to optimize your marketing efforts and improve your ROI. Thirdly, short URLs can also help to improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. Shorter URLs are generally more user-friendly and can be easier for search engines to crawl and index. This can help to improve the overall ranking of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs), which can lead to increased organic traffic and better visibility online. Overall, the advantages of short URLs are many, and they are an essential tool for anyone looking to optimize their online presence and marketing efforts.

Custom URL Shorteners

Using a custom URL shortener, which is also known as a branded URL shortener, allows you to personalize and brand your links to match your brand's identity. For instance, instead of using a generic URL shortening service like, you can use a custom short URL such as There are several advantages to using custom short URLs, such as building trust with your audience, increasing brand recognition, giving a sneak peek of the destination, and driving more clicks. Incorporating custom short URLs into your link shortening service is crucial to increase audience engagement with your content. By using custom URLs, you can effectively strengthen your brand and improve communication's effectiveness.

What is a QR Code?

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that is used to store and transmit information. It consists of black and white squares arranged on a white background, which can be scanned by a QR code reader or scanner. QR codes can store various types of data, such as website links, product information, contact details, and more. Once scanned, the information contained in the QR code can be easily accessed on a mobile device or computer. QR codes have become increasingly popular due to their versatility and ease of use, and they are widely used in advertising, marketing, and other industries as a quick and convenient way to provide information to customers.

What can a QR Code do?

A QR code can do several things, and its uses are limited only by the imagination of the creator. Firstly, a QR code can store various types of data, such as website links, product information, contact details, text, and more. This information can be quickly and easily accessed by scanning the QR code with a mobile device or computer. Secondly, QR codes can be used to enhance marketing and advertising campaigns. For example, companies can place QR codes on their products or marketing materials, which when scanned, can provide additional product information or promotional offers. This can help to increase customer engagement and drive sales. Thirdly, QR codes can be used for mobile payments, loyalty programs, and other types of transactions. For instance, a QR code can be generated to represent a payment or donation amount, and when scanned, the transaction can be completed quickly and securely. Overall, a QR code is a versatile and powerful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as information sharing, marketing, and transactions. Its uses are limited only by the creativity and innovation of the user.

What is a Link-in-bio?

A "Link-in-bio" refers to a feature commonly used on social media platforms, which allows users to share multiple links from a single place in their profile. Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter only allow users to share one clickable link in their profile, making it challenging for users to direct their followers to specific pages, products, or content. A Link-in-bio solves this problem by creating a dedicated landing page that houses multiple links. Users can include a brief description of each link and direct their followers to the Link-in-bio page to access them. This feature has become increasingly popular among content creators, influencers, and businesses, as it allows them to promote multiple links and direct traffic to different pages without constantly changing the link in their bio. In summary, a Link-in-bio is a tool that enables social media users to share multiple links from a single place in their profile. It has become an essential tool for content creators, influencers, and businesses looking to drive traffic and promote their online presence effectively.

Why choose ClicknTarget?

Our platform was designed to help users make a strong impact with their links or scans. Our platform is trusted by top brands worldwide to connect with their audience and drive action. It has the necessary tools and features to establish meaningful connections, whether users are sharing one link or millions.

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